• Alaska Neurology Center

    Alaska's only State of the Art Neurological Clinic

  • AKNC Cafe

    Ampule space and a quiet, comfortable atmosphere.

  • AKNC Cafe

    Enjoy some quiet time with a delicious cup of Raven's Brew coffee.

  • MRI

    Rest assured knowing your scan is being done with the highest quality equipment, and the results are interpreted by Neuroradiologists who specialize in brain and spine scans. Having a GE 3T 70cm bore MRI Scanner means that we are using the strongest magnet to obtain the best images possible and our scanner is bigger than others, allowing you to feel comfortable during your scan. We can scan patients weighing up to 500 pounds.

  • Neuro Therapy Center Massage

    Relax and unwind in this Zen like atmosphere.

  • Neuro Therapy Couples Massage

    Bring a friend or that special someone and enjoy a couples massage.

  • MRI Recovery Room

    Patients and family can relax in a private recovery room before or after your MRI scan.

  • Infrared Sauna

    Infrared saunas use an Infrared light to penetrate deeper into the tissue for maximum benefits such as increased circulation and decreased pain and stiffness.

  • Hydro Jet Therapy Tubs

    Soak the pain away with a relaxing jetted bath. Great for patients with movement disorders or painful muscles and joints.

  • Infrared Sauna Light Show

    While getting pain relief and increased circulation, enjoy your favorite music and a light show. Pain relief has never been this cool.

  • Neuro Therapy Massage lighting

    With several colors to choose from, our Massage Therapists can adjust the color of your room to give you the most comfortable and relaxing experience possible.

  • Hydro Jet Steam Bath

    Climb inside the Hydro Jet Therapy Tub and enjoy a soothing steam bath or relax your pain away with a Vishnu water massage.

  • DME Sales and Supply

    AKNC offers CPAP machines and supplies on site. No more masks that don't fit. We find the one that is right for you.

  • AKNC Sleep Disorder Center

    Private rooms and bathrooms, make AKNC stand out above the rest. This allows you to have a more home like setting, giving us more accurate results.

  • Neurodiagnostic Testing

    EEG testing done right here at AKNC. The results are given to your physician prior to your visit to ensure proper diagnosis and a treatment plan that gives you the maximum benefit from your care.

  • Travel back in time

    As you walk up the stairs, you will see a blast from the past. An area filled with vintage medical equipment and devices used in medicine long ago.

  • Neurology waiting room.

    A large waiting room for patients. No crowded waiting rooms here.

  • AKNC Infusion Center

    Spacious and private infusion stations help patients have a more comfortable, experience. Getting a free coffee from the cafe with each infusion and your own TV to watch, will leave you feeling pampered and well cared for.

  • AKNC Infusion Chairs

    You can recline and put your feet up, have some coffee and watch TV. Or if you prefer, you can look at the amazing views from the window. Your comfort is our goal.

  • EMG Suites

    EMG/NCS studies done on site in very large Suites equipped with the latest technology and highly trained staff.

  • Pediatric rooms

    Kid friendly Pediatric rooms help ease a child's fears of coming to see the doctor.

  • Exam Rooms

    Spacious exam rooms are handicap and wheel chair accessible.

  • Blood Lab

    On site blood lab so patients have the convenience of getting blood drawn right after their
    appointment in most cases.

  • Private Triage Rooms

    Each patient is taken to a private triage room before seeing the doctor.

  • Triage Room

    When taken to the triage room, patients have their vitals taken and are asked about medical history and the nature of the appointment.

  • Caring Infusion Staff

    Our infusion nurse will put your mind at ease with her calm demeanor and caring smile.

  • Neurology Staff

    Our staff of highly trained Neurologists, ANP, and PH. Ds will give you the best treatment in the state. They are kind, caring, and compassionate about your neurological conditions and will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

  • MRI Technician

    Our MRI Technician has many years of experience performing MRI scans. He is very sincere and will talk you through every step of the scan.

Alaska Neurology Center (AKNC) is the state’s first and only medical center to integrate the full spectrum of Neurology care under one roof, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the Brain, Spine and Nervous System. The Center includes a fully staffed Physician Office, Advanced Imaging Suite, Certified Sleep Lab with CPAP Supplies, Infusion Center, Diagnostic Clinic, Neuropsychology Testing Department, Blood Lab and Therapy Center.